Should I Upgrade To Windows 8? Avoid It In 3 Ways

Should I Upgrade To Windows 8? Windows 8 has come out a couple months ago as a Consumer Preview. This is your opportunity to test drive the latest operating system from Microsoft.

So, should I upgrade to Windows 8?

The short answer is, “No”. Honestly, I would not even bother with putting this operating system on any workstation in your office.

Windows 8 quite honestly was a departure from a formula that worked for desktops. Instead, it embraces a structure that works better for tablet PCs, smartphones, and the Xbox 360.

Should I Upgrade To Windows 8? No.

Why is that though? What makes Windows 8 not enticing to go and put on your work machines?

For starters, the “Metro” style desktop. This new look may look familiar to you actually. It looks kinda like Windows Mobile.

Microsoft had a goal in mind to unify the look of their operating systems across all platforms. Now that includes the desktop with Windows 8. However this just doesn’t work for desktops.

It’s not intuitive and doesn’t lend itself very well to any business be it small or enterprise.

Relearning Windows

The other thing to note is Microsoft has gone on record saying that the “Start” button that we have known since the days of Windows 95 is going away.

The button that will be in the lower-left hand corner will now instead bring up the Metro desktop. So essentially you are having to relearn how to use Windows with this new OS.

Relearn Windows, didn’t we do that already when we went from XP to Vista?

When you come right down to it, a lot changed from that transition but it still felt familiar. We had a desktop, we had a start button and we had easy access to everything we needed to get to.

We were even given a search/run bar under the Start menu!

Should I upgrade to Windows 8? No. In fact, avoid it. Here are a 3 ways you can avoid using Windows 8 entirely even after release.

1.) Windows 7: Upgrade To It Or Stick With It

For all of the faults Windows Vista had, Windows 7 took all of the good things about Vista, improved on them and fixed everything that made Vista bad.

Windows 7 is a really well made OS and lends itself well to enterprise and small businesses.

So the question of “Should I upgrade to Windows 8?” should really be “Should I upgrade to Windows 7?” And the answer is, “Yes”.

If you have Windows 7, don’t change from it. If you are still using XP or Vista you may want to heavily consider getting Windows 7 sooner rather than later instead of Windows 8.

2.) Done With Windows? There Are Other Options

We are addressing the question “Should I upgrade to Windows 8?” but maybe it should be “Should I ditch Windows?”

If you’re not a gamer who needs the DirectX functionality of Windows OSes, then you can most certainly swap to something else.

Perhaps a Linux distribution works just as well for you, and is free! Heck there’s even a desktop environment for Linux that gives you a Windows feel to it called KDE.

The other option would be to sell the PCs that you have and buy Macs to use Mac OS. Mac OSX has proven itself to be a good operating system for businesses, especially in the Macbook format where you can take it on the go with you.

Easier to use and navigate than both Windows and Linux if you want to pay extra to stop using Windows, Macs are another option.

3.) Google Enters The Ring With Chrome OS

Why not ditch the entire hard drive based OS all together?

I will be honest I have not had much experience with Chrome OS yet. But what I understand is it’s built on Linux architecture with the Chrome browser turned into an OS.

The advantage of the Chrome OS, is the entire operating system is in the Cloud, leaving your hard drive solely for files or programs.

It is a nifty, cost effective idea to switch to if you want to go that route!

The Trend Of Windows

Among techs we noticed a trend. Every other Windows operating system is the one to go to.

We went from Windows 98 to XP, XP to 7 and 7 to…9?

Whatever it might be, it’s likely to be better than what Windows 8 has shown us to be.

So, should I upgrade to Windows 8? In case, you haven’t realized by now or just skimmed to the bottom, leave Windows 8 alone this time around and wait for the next release.

What’s your opinion on the debating question of “Should I upgrade to Windows 8?” Do you plan to jump in on the beta and stick with it till the end, or do you plan on waiting for Windows 9? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. I agree entirely. If you’re running Windows 7 stick with it. Or if you’re running Windows 7 32 bit and you really want to upgrade, install Windows 7 64 bit, put in an SSD or do both.

  2. “We went from Windows 98 to XP, XP to 7 and 7 to…9?”

    you forgot Windows ME


  3. Just ignore windows 8, stick to 7 and wait for 9. Or move to Linux / Mac. This windows release is a huge mistake.


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