How To Talk To Tech Support From Both Points Of View

How To Talk To Tech Support We’ve all been there. The dreaded call to technical support. Whether you are the customer or technician, both of you feel the same sense of dread every time the call is connected. Knowing how to talk to tech support can save a lot of headaches.

As the customer, you feel the tech is going to be unhelpful, not know what he/she is talking about because they are reading from a script and not care about your problem.

As tech support you fear the customer will tell you a bunch of different things that don’t tell you what the problem is, not do as you say and most horrendously berate you as a tech for not being able to fix their problem.

But what if there was a magical way to get both parties to make the experience for both sides a pleasant experience?

There is in fact a solution when it comes to knowing how to talk to tech support. Though it will be hard for both sides to comply to it.

It takes a bit of work from both sides so I will break it down from one side and then the other…

How To Talk To Tech Support: Technician’s POV

I know what you must be thinking, “It’s not my fault the customer is frustrating to work with!” Actually, you may not be initially at fault but with an attitude like that you’re not helping things either.

The first thing to start with is to try to have a bit of empathy for the customer calling in. Their laptop just destroyed all of their life’s data due to a hard drive meltdown. They want to do whatever they can to recover it so they call you.

If this was you with the melted hard drive you’d be pretty upset about it as well, right? Keep that in mind. Start by feeling for the customer and their issue.

How To Talk To Tech Support: Customer’s POV

If you are the one calling in for technical support you are probably a little frustrated that you have to call in, hoping that you don’t get someone from India while you sit on hold for thirty minutes.

Keep in mind however that your attitude will also have an effect on the tech that is helping you. The tech’s job is to help you as quickly as possible with professionalism.

Try to give him/her the benefit of a doubt that they are trying to help, not hurt you. Listen to what they have to say, and trust them that they have the solution to your problem.

Even if the solution didn’t help on the first try they are seeking to help and you should trust that they will get you resolved.

What’s The Magical Solution?

So have we learned what the magical solution is on how to talk to tech support? And how to have a more positive experience for both the customer and technical support?

Be kind to one another!

Yeah, I know it sounds kinda weird that that is the solution but it really is. Trust in one another, be empathetic and the experience won’t be as bad as either of you had made it out to be in your heads.

Do you have suggestions on how to talk to tech support to get the best result from either POV? Share your ideas!


  1. Great info !! It really help me to fine tune my speech while im on phone.


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