Do I Need 8GB Of RAM? Absolutely!

Do I Need 8GB Of RAM A common question we receive is, do I need 8GB of RAM? Do I need more? Is my 4GB not enough?

I’m sure you remember these words, “Oh my goodness, you have 5MB of RAM in your computer?! You’re never going to use all of that RAM! What do you need so much RAM for?!”

5MB turned into 256, 256 into 512 and then we went to Windows XP 32-bit’s cap of 3.5GB of RAM (which probably meant you had 4GB in your machine.)

But then what happened? The 64 bit operating system came out, breaking that 3.5GB of RAM barrier.

Do I Need 8GB of RAM? It’s The New Standard

Now we are up to a brand new standard of 8GB of RAM for desktops and laptops and you might be bringing that age old question back up again, “what do you need so much RAM for!?”

To tell the truth there are plenty of good reasons to have more RAM. The biggest one to mention is multitasking productivity. The more of today’s applications you have open (this includes tabs in a browser) the more memory you use up on your machine to run those programs.

The more memory you use at any given time, the slower and less responsive things become. More memory means faster, snappier programs when you have lots of them opened at once.

RAM Is Helpful For Telecommuting

Another good reason to have a lot of RAM is if you happen to be someone who uses Virtual Machines (VMs) on your desktop. Running a carbon copy of an operating system on your desktop doesn’t come free for resources!

You still have to allocate power towards your VMs.

Like I mentioned earlier, the more VMs you have open, the more RAM you will consume to keep them running smooth.

Okay, So How Much RAM Do I Need?

Okay, so now you understand why the answer to the question “Do I need 8GB of RAM?” is an outstanding “yes”. But what about more RAM?

Now I have 8GB of DDR2 RAM in my machine at home. There are two things wrong with this and make me want to consider even going up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

First, DDR2 RAM is slower than DDR3, which is probably a given when you look at the numbers.

But DDR2 RAM is also outdated and unsupported now on new motherboards. Motherboards today start support at a minimum of DDR3 RAM.

The second thing wrong with this is 8GB doesn’t even feel like enough anymore. I have a browser with 17 tab open alone plus some other applications I have open to work.

If I begin opening up more tabs, my computer’s going to start to feel it reaching that limit with everything else running. If I get a new motherboard that supports 16GB of DDR3 RAM, none of this will be an issue, at all. I’ll have enough ram to run everything smoothly and then some.

So the next time someone looks at you and ask, “Do I need 8GB of RAM?”, you tell them, “You’ll need it, and probably more.”

“Do I need 8GB of RAM?” is a question we receive often, and our answer is always the same, “yes”. But what do you think? Share your thoughts!

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