Clean My PC Ads Are Not What They Seem

Those clean my PC ads are a subject that I actually have always thought about ever since I was a kid.

Running Windows 98 on my Compaq Presario I was really beginning to get the hang of using computers at a young age. At the time, and even to this day you see commercials coming on about two things; teach a person to use Windows, and buy this program to clean my PC and increase it’s speeds.

I am not kidding when I say that even as a freshman in high school seeing these commercials I thought to myself, “Who’s crazy enough to buy these things?!”

On the topic of those PC cleanup/speedup software that have been advertised, it turns out quite a few people buy them. But why? What are those programs really doing for you that you feel the need to buy it?

I’m going to lay it out for you what they do, and how you can do the exact same thing for free without needing to buy these, sometimes more damaging PC cleanup programs.

Clean My PC Software Is Trying To Scare You

One of the first things the software does is a scan of your PC.

It’s designed to freak you out by taking harmless files, such as cookies and cache and register them as alerts, or infections. The number is typically in the thousands.

Let’s do the exact same thing but with a different program!

Trend Micro Housecall, BitDefender, Microsoft Security Essentials, all free anti-virus/malware removal programs you can use to scan your local hard drive.

There’s a pretty good chance the numbers that these show will be lower than what that software shows, because these programs are designed to be helpful, not extort money from you.

If it is a virus on your computer, these programs are designed to just remove it for you, without making you pay a yearly subscription to get that service.

Fragmented Files Are Not That Bad

The next thing the clean my PC program may do is point out alerts with fragmented files. Fragmented files are not at all harmful, but they are a cause of performance decreases.

Since Windows 98 Windows PCs have had a free tool that can fix fragmented files called Disk Defragmenter. All you have to do on Windows Vista and 7 is search Defrag under the Start menu and the program Disk Defragmenter pops up.

Launch that, run that on the drive that’s fragmented and done. You didn’t need that clean my PC program to do that.

Uninstall Never Used Applications

Among other things you can do to help your PC’s speed increase is uninstalling applications you do not use under the Control Panel.

More disk space means more resources your computer can use if it needs to.

So the next time you see one of these commercials at two in the morning ignore them! If they list symptoms that affects you, don’t buy their software. Try the steps listed above, and if that doesn’t fix it, there’s always searching Google for more information.

Have you ever downloaded on of the clean my PC programs that are advertised? What was your experience? Let us know!

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