Android Backup: 3 Free Apps From Google Play

Android Backup We’ve all had it happen to us with our mobile devices. We’ve lost it, had it stolen, dropped it, submerged it underwater, killing the device.

Are you aware there are Android backup apps on Google Play that allow for the backup of data to recover from should one of these inevitable things happen to your own?

There are indeed apps that do this! The best part is most of these options are for free, and are worth looking into! Here are three really good options to check out, all of them free:

Android Backup Apps

bulletApp Backup & Restore
The best use case of this Android backup software is if you are someone who has a lot of apps on your phone. It can backup and restore applications either individually or in bulk. It’s simple to use, but it’s also all that it backs up is apps.

bulletSuper Backup
Opposite of App Backup & Restore, Super Backup backs up everything else, such as text messages, browser bookmarks and call logs.

One neat thing about this particular Android backup app is it has the option to back up to your GMail account. This is something I would find use in as GMail offers 10GB of storage per account.

Super Backup is ad supported but for $1.99 you can remove the ads.

bulletG Cloud Backup
G Cloud Backup offers everything that Super Backup and App Backup & Restore do, but this program also backs up to Amazon’s AWS cloud storage locker.

I have a little bit of a qualm with this particular choice and not because of its UI, its backup method or the fact it also encrypts your backups. It’s the storage offerings.

Super Backup offers to backup to GMail and as I mentioned a GMail account gets 10GB. G Cloud Backup’s offerings are 1GB and an additional Gigabyte (Up to 8GB) of storage space for inviting friends.

Finally the last mark I have against it is its ‘One account one device’ policy. Sure it can restore backups on a new device but if you have multiple devices you will need an account for each one.

Do you have a particular Android backup app that you use? Or do you prefer one of the ones we listed above? Share your experience in the comments below. If you have a suggestion for a topic we should cover, let us know!

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