Windows XP End Of Life – Are You Ready?

Windows XP End Of Life For those of you that are still running Windows XP machines now is a good time to remind you of the impending Windows XP end of life (EOL) date for the operating system. In April 2014, Microsoft will officially stop supporting the operating system.

This means no more security updates, and you are on your own should anything happen after that point.

But it appears that some businesses are still running XP machines, and a lot of these businesses are not even looking at upgrading them to Windows 7. This is going to cause major issues next year.

Windows XP End Of Life And Compliance

One of the biggest issues you should be concerned with as a business running XP machines right now is compliance. Banks and health care agencies are examples of some of the industries still relying on XP and who must follow strict government compliance standards.

The argument against upgrading is, “It still works.” Yes, it still works but if you’re no longer compliant this can cause complications later on when Windows XP end of life hits.

Cost To Upgrade

Another issue is that the cost to upgrade from an XP machine to Windows 7 machine may not be in the budget.

I completely understand that upgrading your computers with a compliant operating system costs a lot of money that you may feel you can’t spare. You should consider it however as you are coming up to the point where you have to weigh the costs: upgrading your computers with Windows 7 or the fines for being found non-compliant.

It will cost you less in the end if you upgrade.

Windows 7 Works Like XP, Only Better

On the subject of “it works” when talking about XP, Windows 7 works as well, if not better than XP.

There are some user interface differences a person may have to learn. However Windows 7 is more secure, will continue to be supported past 2014, and has gotten to be pretty user friendly since the initial change from XP to Vista.

A lot of businesses have moved to using Windows 7, skipping Vista, and not touching Windows 8 (and likely not upgrading to Windows 8.1 either.) Why do they choose Windows 7? For the same reason that you chose to use XP; It works, only better.

Upgrade Now

Time moves fast and 8 months to Windows XP end of life is not that far off.

If you are an SMB running XP, especially so if you have a compliance that your office must follow, you should really consider upgrading your operating systems sooner rather than later.

Are you worried about Windows XP end of life? Is your company still running XP machines? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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  1. I guess Windows XP can be seen as one of the most successful operating systems, since it is still used so broadly. Simple, elegant and useful. XP will get a profound place in software history :-).


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