Technology Innovations For Business – 6 Ideas (Part 2)

Technology Innovations Last week I spoke about a two part blog post related to technology innovations.

This is the second part of six technology innovations (read the first part) you should be looking to try out for yourself that is cost effective, consumer friendly, and generally a good idea in today’s day and age.

4.) Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing

If you’ve never heard of crowdfunding, take a look at the sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

These are sites where both individuals and businesses will try to sell an idea to the public.

You say “Hey, I have this great idea but I don’t have the funding. If you help fund this, you not only get something you possibly get extra rewards too!”

You can offer stretch goals to try and get more than your funding goal, and “Reward Tiers” offering people extra stuff for donating at a certain level.

Crowdfunding has been really successful for startups, indie software developers and small businesses just trying to get an idea going.

5.) Social Media Aggregation

Social media is a great way to hear and communicate directly with consumers.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are examples of social media sites you can use to answer questions, offer advertising and generally speak to the public as a whole.

Some companies just use it as a platform to advertise and watch comments and replies to it from others. Others, and this is honestly better, for engaging your customer. Your can hold contests, have special promotions for social media fans only, run opinion polls, and more to engage your customers.

6.) Tablets

I have been seeing tablets popping up lately from restaurants to meetings.

I love seeing tablets being used in restaurants, because everything can be done from it. You can ring up the order, print out a receipt and if you have a Square credit card reader for it ring up credit card orders on the spot.

This also goes back to the electronic receipt innovation mentioned in last week’s post because you can have the bill emailed instead of printed out on paper!

Tablets are also cost effective compared to traditional POS hardware.

Cost Effective & Convenient Technology Innovations

These are six very cost effective, convenient and great technology innovations that are being adopted right now. Even if you jump on just one of them it will be sure to make your business a better.

I personally highly recommend the electronic invoices. Everyone, even the environment, benefits from having less wasted paper.

Have you implemented any of these technology innovations in your work place? Or, are you planning on trying something in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Have an idea for our next topic? Let us know.

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