Data Backup with AppAssureManaged Network Services

Outsource the management of your network to the experts.

What is a Managed Network?

Infinitech will professionally design, install, and manage an enterprise-grade network for your business. Includes 24/7/365 monitoring by the Infinitech Network Operations Center. With the Infinitech Network Operation Center, you’ll be instantly notified of security threats, internet outages, and other outages that cost your business time and money. From the very moment we receive notification of an issue, our team of IT professional will work towards a resolution to keep you online and running.


What does it cost?

Infinitech is bundling Meraki Network equipment and our Managed Service offering to offer you the most modern and up to date Network. You do not need to buy any equipment just sign up for our Managed Network Services and Infinitech will design a network for your organization install and manage your network. No need to hire and IT person to upgrade or patch your Network. All patch and updates are included in your contract. All support is included to resolve an outage or track down an issue you might have on your network.

Are you a small company that needs security, but are discouraged by the high prices of other enterprise security offerings? Take advantage of Meraki’s next-generation firewalls with Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, and Malware Protection with Infinitech Managed Networking Services!

Our Managed Network Services is designed to your specifications with Meraki Network equipment which includes a Firewall a Switch and Wireless Access Points bundled with Infinitech Network Operations Center in one Monthly Fee. All Hardware and Service is included in your Monthly Fee. No need to buy expensive hardware upfront and pay and IT Consultant to set it up. You don’t need to manage it and maintain update or firmware. At the end of your contact if you renew you will be automatically updated to the newest equipment ensuring you will have the most reliable and powerful network for your organization.

Why Meraki?

Meraki is the leading company in Cloud Managed Networking Equipment. Infinitech offers this Enterprise level network equipment to all its customers at an affordable monthly rate. Meraki gives Infinitech the ability to manage networks from a centralized dashboard in our Network Operations Center. With the Meraki Dashboard, we can troubleshoot and diagnose network issues in minutes that take traditional IT days to troubleshoot.

Cisco Meraki access and aggregation layer switches provide the backbone for networks of every size, combining secure, scalable, robust performance with an elegant, intuitive management experience.

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