IT Services | Hourly & Pre-Paid SupportHourly & Pre-Paid Support

IT services for the small business that needs occasional help. Available in both hourly and discounted pre-paid rates.

Our IT Services Can Take The Worry Off Your Plate

Don’t spend so much time making IT decisions

IT infrastructure is an important element in today’s business. However, many SMBs find IT to be a roadblock and are tired of dealing with technological issues every other day. True, as a small to medium-sized business owner you should be paying more attention to your business – not the IT problems. With our IT services we are here to resolve those IT issues for you.

Whether you are looking for occasional support or something more long term, we have a team of professionals who will work with you to identify your IT challenges and requirements and help you make the right IT decisions without wasting time or money. We act as your trusted partner and recommend IT solutions that suit you the best—solutions that will help you grow your business and your profits. Whether it is an existing system that you need help with, or you wish to put a new system in place, you can benefit from our IT consulting services.


Hourly Support or Discounted Pre-Paid Hours

Our hourly support is great for the less than 10 employee office that is needing some occasional IT support. The traditional IT services model allows our technicians to perform the work required and bill after the service has been completed to your satisfaction. A preliminary review and quote is always provided before any work is performed.

Have a large problem or looking for a discounted bulk rate? Our discounted pre-paid hours are perfect for the business that needs a little help here and there. Purchased in blocks of 10 hours, our pre-paid hours provide IT services from both our help desk and Tier 2 (desktop) support. When the hours begin to run out, we’ll contact you to see if you like to purchase more and even roll over any overage so you always get the discounted rate.


Remote Office, Remote Hands

Our IT services are great for those businesses who have a remote office away from their primary IT staff. A number of our clients purchase pre-paid hours specifically to have a technician visit on-site once a week or more. Our technicians can speak to your in-house IT staff on the phone while working on anything that needs on-site attention. As well, they can address everyday issues for your remote staff that would normally bog down your in-house IT employees.

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business – contact us to help you get it straight!

Outsourcing Isn't A Dirty Word

Do you find yourself saying “If Only I Could Afford More IT Help” or are you frustrated that you’re not seeing the value of your existing IT support?

You’re not alone…

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