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VoIP is the go-to telephone solution for small business. Our VoIP solutions include setup, hosting, and maintenance.

VoIP Solutions for the Business Owner

We offer VoIP solutions that are efficient and cost-effective for small and medium businesses. VoIP technology offers your business a host of benefits over traditional telephone services:

• You can save as much as 90% on international calls and up to 40% on local calls with VoIP as compared to the cost of a regular phone line
• You don’t have to incur any additional charges to set up conference calls using your VoIP
• You can connect your VoIP system to your computer and even use video
• VoIP is portable—whether you are at your home or your office, you can access your VoIP telephone line


VoIP Setup, Hosting, and Maintenance

With over 10 years of experience in VoIP setup, Infinitech is familiar with all major services and can help your small business get your VoIP solutions up and running.

Looking for us to also host and maintain your VoIP system? No problem! We use Fonality as our go-to VoIP solutions provider. Fonality offers an extensive range of features such as:

  • Drag and Drop Call Handling – Quickly and easily put a call on hold or transfer calls to any extension or voicemail box with the click of a mouse.
  • Voicemail Management & Transcription – Access voicemail via phone, email, SMS or the desktop.  Manage, store, and even read your voicemail messages.

  • Personalized Call Routing – With Find Me/Follow Me, you’ll never miss another important call.  Set your own rules to ring multiple devices or external numbers simultaneously, and create privileged rules for VIP callers.

  • Built-in Presence and Chat – See which team members are on the phone and who is available for a quick chat using the built in presence and IM capabilities.

  • Click-to-Dial – A browser-based plug-in for web browsers that turns phone numbers on a webpage into hyperlinks that when clicked on, dials that phone number on your Fonality telephone.

We can setup your VoIP system to include all the features you desire and the best part  you don’t have to worry about maintaining cause that’s our job!

Contact us today and see what it’ll take to get your VoIP system started!

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